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Orinara IT Consultancy makes IT Work!
Orinara IT Consultancy makes IT Work

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  • Consultant at Kpn Mobile
    • Designing and implementing an architecture for single sign on and authorization profiles for kpn.com and hi.nl portals using Sun JES Access Manager
    • Creating a migration strategy to migrate live Unix servers to Sun YES product stack
    • Member of a team setting up a new department for Java based system monitoring and maintenance
  • Technical Architect at Serious Software Engineering
    • Creating an application framework for an industrial safety application using Microsoft .NET
  • Consultant at NEC Computers
    • Desinger and technical lead for a 3 channel (web/IVR/agent) customer contact center application with knowledge base
    • Developer for the web- and agent applications using a mix of Java J2EE and Microsoft C#
  • Technical Architect at Motosoto
    • Technical architect for an ontology based community web framework in using J2EE
    • Lead developer for the web framework engine
  • Consultant at Holland Rail Consult
    • Developer of an infrastructural design database in Java
    • Designer and developer of an validation framework for infrastructural designs in Java
    • Developer of a new monitoring system to detect trains on rail sections in C++, using CORBA
  • Developer at Stater mortgage servicer
    • Developer of quotation software for insurance policies using Uniface and Microsoft VB for Applications
    • Migration a legacy RDBMS layer in Cobol to ANSI C
  • System engineer at PTT Post
    • Implementing new applications on a large network of Unix servers

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   Business wise
Telecommunication, Banking, Leasing, Call Centers, Logistics, Transportation and Small Businesses.

   Technique wise
Internet, Java, J2EE, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Ajax, C#, C, Webservices, Spring, Hibernate, Sun JES product stack (Identity Management, Appserver, Directory Server), RDBMS, LDAP, Unix/Linux/Windows, Scripting and Lego NXT :-).

   We love java
We love Java and have extensive business experience and lots of succesful Java projects to make Orinara IT Consultancy a quality partner for your Java projects.

   IT Architectures
Pragmatism is the keyword. Designing software- and hardware architectures using the traditional and modern toolsets, such as UML, Extreme Programming, DFD or just common sense and logic.